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About CSE Ltd.

A team of dedicated professionals.

We are CSE Ltd., a consulting engineering company committed to providing high quality civil and structural engineering services throughout the Caribbean.

As a leading Civil and Structural engineering consultancy in the region, we value the relationships we build with clients, and are committed to contributing our time and services to ensure client satisfaction.

Our highly qualified team have extensive experience working with established architects, contractors, and local governments, providing engineering solutions that are completed to the highest standard. We strive to exceed client expectations and seek to deliver extra value through our work.

Since 1999, we have played a key role in the development of the region through our work on a wide range of buildings and infrastructure projects. We have delivered essential highway, road, airport and dock infrastructure, worked on landmark hotels and private island resorts, and supported countless clients bring to life their dream builds. We work with many reputable architects and engineers from Europe to North America to the Caribbean and a variety of local and international developers and governments, ensuring that everything we do is completed to the highest standard.

All our project designs comply with British, local, US, European and/or other international standards as required. We strive to inspect and monitor progress throughout each build, from site visits to concrete testing, to ensure that projects withstand the harsh environmental conditions encountered in the region, be it earthquakes, hurricanes, rainstorms or flooding. CSE maintains Professional Indemnity Insurance for all our design work in the Caribbean.

Experience, Integrity and quality

Communication and collaboration is key to any successful design and construction project.

We have vast experience delivering sustainable, strong, hurricane resilient and durable buildings and civil infrastructure. Our approach is to communicate, collaborate and coordinate with the design team throughout the whole process to ensure our designs are practical, economical, and safely buildable. During the construction phase, we prefer to work closely with the contractors through our materials testing and quality assurance services. This is in our experience, is the most reliable way of upholding our quality standards, ensuring each project is built in compliance with the design and specification requirements, and to withstand the environmental challenges of the region.

We pride ourselves in the work we do to help develop the region.

The team of professionals at CSE is managed by Directors who are Chartered Structural Engineers (The Institution of Structural Engineers). Our key engineering staff are university degree qualified Civil and/or Structural Engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to provide clients with a premium service.

Our concrete testing technicians are ACI (American Concrete Institute) certified, ensuring that we meet concrete material standards throughout each project.

We invest in our team’s ongoing training and development and utilise the latest design software, AutoCAD drafting and reinforcement detailing, and testing technology. Our deep knowledge and understanding of the underlying engineering principles enable us to provide our clients with a quality and timely product.

Highly qualified and experienced staff.

We provide professional engineering services on a wide range of development types, including but not limited to the following:

  • Private villas and residential complexes
  • Resorts, condominiums and hotels
  • Industrial and office buildings
  • Pools
  • Foundations
  • Roads and access drives
  • Retaining walls
  • Earthworks
  • Civil infrastructure (roads, bridges, drainage structures, storm and waste water drainage)
  • Marine infrastructure (docks, piers, breakwaters, groynes, seawalls)
  • Airport ramps and taxiways

As a company operating in the Caribbean region, CSE is acutely aware of the increasingly greater felt effects of climate change and the impending climate emergency. We are also conscious that our role as specifiers of construction materials and products places a unique responsibility on us as designers, one that we take seriously.

Our engineers can advise on carbon reduction measures and techniques that can be implemented on your projects. We believe the climate conversation requires nuance. Therefore, we need to take a project specific approach with measures bespoke to the challenges and requirements of each project.

Our general approach on all projects is to minimise the embodied carbon of our designs through efficient design and appropriate material selections, including using the relevant loading and material strengths while maintaining a safe, durable and code compliant design. We also look for our projects to achieve reduced maintenance and cooling needs through their service life. We strive for our designs to use locally available structural materials and construction techniques where possible.

An environmentally conscious company

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