CSE Ltd. is a well established Civil and Structural engineering consultancy with extensive experience in successfully delivering high quality projects to clients throughout the Caribbean.

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CSE Ltd., since 1999

About Us

We are CSE Ltd., a consulting engineering company committed to providing high quality Civil and Structural Engineering services throughout the Caribbean.

Since 1999, we have played a key role in the development of the region through our work on a wide range of buildings and infrastructure projects. We have delivered essential highway, road, airport and dock infrastructure, worked on landmark hotels and private island resorts, and supported countless clients in bringing their dream builds on these beautiful islands to life.

Our highly qualified team have extensive experience working with established architects, contractors, and local governments, providing engineering solutions that are completed to the highest standard. We strive to exceed client expectations and seek to deliver extra value through our work.

We believe that working closely with contractors throughout the construction phase is the most reliable way of upholding our quality and safety standards, and our experience and portfolio of completed projects proves this. This is why we offer materials testing and quality assurance services in addition to the traditional engineering consultancy services, ensuring that each project is built to withstand the harsh environmental conditions encountered in the region.

"We pride ourselves in the work we do to help develop the region." - Chris Conway, Managing Director, CSE Ltd.

We reimagine building structures to respond to constantly evolving client, legislative, and environmental needs. Be it a multi-storey hotel, a custom build home, or a sprawling private island resort, our highly qualified and experienced engineers can bring your visions to life with due consideration for safety, durability, cost, and constructability.

Our structural design work routinely comprises:

  • Structural design to relevant local Caribbean building codes in addition to any relevant British, European, American or International Building Codes
  • Structural design for hurricane force winds and seismic/earthquake forces
  • Our engineers are conversant with all common structural materials, and experienced in a variety of building types, from simple members to complex frames and multi-storey structures

Having worked on major infrastructure projects throughout the region since 1999, CSE has proven expertise in the design of Civil Infrastructure. Our services in this area include the design of highways, earthworks, drainage, utilities, airport infrastructure, and port and marine infrastructure, including jetties, piers and seawalls.

We routinely carry out inspections for clients on existing buildings and infrastructure. These include:

  1. Visual condition surveys: a general survey typically carried out before or after the sale of property
  2. Expert appraisal inspections, which can cover a variety of topics including:
    a. Post hurricane or earthquake damage
    b. Long-term deterioration
    c. Water ingress
    d. Structural or concrete defects
    e. Post-fire structural damage
  3. Building repairs, modifications or demolition

As a part of our site support services, we frequently provide materials testing and quality assurance services to ensure the work done on site is safe, in line with the design specifications, and complies with our quality standards. We provide a broad range of testing and inspection services, and can set up materials testing laboratories on sites where construction is taking place in remote locations.

As a part of the Construction Administration services on site, we provide materials testing and quality assurance services to ensure the work done on site is safe, in line with the design specifications, and complies with our quality standards. We provide a broad range of testing and inspection services, and even have capacity to set up materials testing laboratories on site.

    1. Structural peer reviews
      – Structural appraisals
      – Local code compliancy checks
      – Expert opinions
    2. Construction Administration (design and site support services during construction)
    3. Local Building Authority/Planning Department liaison (development permission and building permit applications)
    4. Inspections for insurance claims
    5. Project management/ design management
    6. Dredging and land surveys

Engineering Solutions

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We strongly believe in building a collaborative relationship with our clients to fulfil their vision, and offer continuity in projects from the schematic design stage until the last concrete pour and beyond.

Check out our services and get in touch to see how we can help you with your next project!

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We value the relationships we build with clients, and are committed to contributing our time and services to ensure client satisfaction.


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Meet our Team

Our highly qualified team have extensive experience in providing practical engineering solutions for clients that consistently result in project success. We believe this is because we are proactive in anticipating client needs, strive to exceed client expectations and seek to find ways to deliver extra value in our services.

The team of professionals at CSE is managed by Directors who are Chartered Structural Engineers (The Institution of Structural Engineers). Our key engineering staff are university degree qualified Civil and/or Structural Engineers with a wealth of knowledge and experience that allows us to provide clients with a premium service. Our concrete testing technicians are ACI (American Concrete Institute) certified, ensuring that we meet concrete material standards throughout each project.

We use the latest technology, and invest in the continuous training and development of our team to stay abreast of industry developments and best practice. Because of this, we are confident we can deliver our clients a quality product.

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CSE have offices in the beautiful Turks & Caicos Islands and the stunning British Virgin Islands, close to some of our best and long-term clients and many of our completed and exciting new projects.

We are active across the Caribbean and frequently travel throughout the region to satisfy client or project requirements.

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